Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentine Scallop

Scallop-Valentine, originally uploaded by scrapmavin1.

Well it has been a long while since I posted anything. Too much work and too much of a "Norman Rockwell" holiday.

My last entry on Hero Arts was their Valentine blog week. I decided to break out the old Klic-n-Kut and make some scalloped hearts. I have a download link below for anyone who has a klic-n-Kut or can convert the knk file for their particular cutter. The file has the 2 scalloped hearts for making the card (brown scallop heart in photo) and 2 hearts to mount on the card stock.

I always cut 2 of anything I'm going to embellish, because if I don't I will invariably mar it in some way. When I was growing up my mother never dressed me up ahead of time and expected I would stay neat---not in my genetics.

To make the card follow the directions for the round scallop card on this HA blog post.
Note: When using the file below--cut by color, as the inset hearts overlay the scalloped hearts.

File: Heart Scallop

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witchdct said...

Thanks for the knk file!
It is a beautiful card,